Wheel-shaped Banana Cassava Cakes

Written by Wati on 15.1.08 at 21:07

(Javanese language: Gethuk Roda)

You will need

              • 1 kg thinly grated cassava
              • 1½ coconut, thinly grated
              • 100 gr granulated sugar
              • ½ tsp vanilla
              • 1 tsp salt
              • Red and green food coloring
              • 6 mature tanduk bananas (steam until well done, peel)
              • Fresh banana leaves
              • ½ coconut, thinly grated

What You do

1. Blend the grated cassava, grated coconut, sugar, vanilla, salt. Stir thoroughly. Divide into two parts. Color one red, and the other one green. Divide each part into three

2. Put some red dough on a banana leaf. Flatten and stretch until about 0,5 cm thick, then top with the banana and cc with the flattened cassava dough. Make sure the banana in the core of the dough. Roll to make solid, ending with a shape, about 18 cm long and 4 cm thick. Pinch the two edges together. Repeat with the rest of the dough. Steam until well done for about one hour. Let cool and cut diagonally into pie 1 cm wide.

Serve approximately 10 small plates with the grated coconut.

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